Tony buzan about the book

Hey my name is alexander and i got the book from tony buzan in charge of your memory.
and as i am reading it i come across something i do not understand. i made a peg from 0-99
and he is talking about in his book that you can use for example your senses to increase this peg system too 999-10000 by using all senses then multiplying it but those he mean for example that when you use sound like 1 is tea in my peg so when i go to 100 he means that i should use the sound of tea as my number 100 peg? then up to 199 then add another sound? sorry for my bad english i do my best. or what systems do you guys use for numbers above 100?

Hey Alexander!

I believe he is talking about the major number system where the numbers from 0-9 each get a letter. So 1-T This means you can have the image of tea represent the number 1. For 100, you would use the sounds for 1 - T and 0 - S. The word Toss would fit here because it starts with a T (1) and has two S’s(00) which gives you the number 100.

For a number system above 100, you could create a 1000 image-based number system but this is kind of hard. For the major system above I talked about, 1000 would need one T sound and three S sounds after. The major system allows you to create words a bit easier but you might be stuck with words that you can’t picture.

Does this make sense?

hey thanks for your reply. its pretty hard book to grasp for me at least. i think i am just going to make mind palaces from 0-99 to remember stuff. i am going to keep my eyes open for other tricks i saw this girl on tv once in a flash that had a system for 3 digits but it went to fast for me to saw whats she was doing i do not have interactive TV:P but i will watch youtube and other sources to see what i can pick up that can help me in any way.

No problem!

Here is the basic idea of what the girl did with a 1 digit number system: How To Remember Numbers: Number Rhyme System - YouTube

A mind palace is a great way to store information but the downside is you have to keep creating new palaces or letting the old images disappear. A number system can be used like palace since the idea of pegging something to a known peg is the same.

Yes mate i got myself already a 0-99 with all a specific image also i am formulair with rhyme systems. i can remember with ease 30 numbers in like 30 sec:P i do not want to brag lol.
What i have sometimes is problem with doll information that do not really have an image to them to turn this into an image and then a story. you see its tricky and you need to have a big imagination you go to transfer that what you want to learn, that do not really have an image into an image. that is the tricky part. but i am practicing almost everyday and i am getting better. and i agree about the palaces but you see everyone that is using mem Technics seems to be using mem palaces. The loci is so powerful to help recal stuff i guess.

Oh wow that is awesome!

Ah I see the issue you are having. I recommend memorizing random words since most information is in word form. I found doing this makes memorizing abstract info a lot easier. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that you can translate a whole idea or paragraph into an image/images. You don’t need to change every word into an image.

Yeah the palace is the go to method even though it is not the best for specific info like names.