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Say Hi!

Introduce yourself to the community! Share what brought you here, how you go into memory techniques/memory training, and what you want to accomplish.

Ideas For Blitz Memory Site

Share your ideas about new features, memory events, settings, and competitions you want on All voting for a new addition will be on the home page of!

Memory Events

Talk about techniques or strategies for the different memory events at Also, share your ideas on what improvements you would want for the events.

Blitzmemory Bugs/Issues

You can report any bugs or issues you find in I will try to get them fixed ASAP! Thanks!

Online Competing

Share your ideas for what you want to see in online competing. What kind of competitions do you want? What kind of modes should we have for online multiplayer?

Memory Systems

You can share or discuss memory systems you are using or ask questions about any memory systems out there.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Memory Related Research

Share and discuss any interesting memory related studies or research you find (neuroscience, brain health, psychology, or experiments to name a few).

Memory Chat

Use this section to chat about memory techniques and memory related items.

Memory Challenges

Share memory challenges you think would be fun or useful to know. Describe what the challenge is and provide the information for the challenge in the post. Here is a video explaining the new format in detail: