Can you add full names names + surnames

it will be cool because most of the names discipline we practice in website like memory league they have only 1st name . but in competition we have to memorize both ( names and surnames)
I can send you names and surnames nepali data base so many many can train too here



Thanks for the feedback. Yes, that would be awesome if you can send me the Nepali database. There is a lot of stuff being done but other languages will be added eventually.

Adding the surnames is definitely possible. Now this might be a custom training option for the names events. I think majority of people would want single names for the leveling up mode because the event is based off a minute. Would it be okay if the surnames are only in the custom training?

you mean custom training only for surnames ? yeah would be cool too

can you leave your email or dm me . i will send you data base

Oh sorry. What I meant was in practice mode, maybe we can have it so you can have both first and surname. But maybe we can just have surnames as an option too in practice mode. Great idea!

You can email them here: