Johnny - USA - Learner/Memory Athlete

Hi! I am excited to see all the ideas people share and how will come along!

I created this forum so the users of would have a way to talk to each other and discuss ideas for the site. It will be a lot easier to track what is being said here than the chat on the main site haha

The way I got into memory techniques was from working out. I love to work out and push my body to new limits so I started to wonder if I could do the same for my mind! Randomly by chance, I learned about memory competitions and all the cool things these people could memorize. So I took a chance and never looked back!

I actually created a video talking about my whole journey of how I got into memory techniques. You can check our my story here:

I am currently working on getting back into competition memory training. It has been a while since I competed but hopefully I can get back to where I was back in the day. I am not looking forward to memorizing Face and Names because it is my least favorite event haha is going to be a great way to get back into memory shape and test my skills with new events too!

Thanks for joining the site!

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