Are memory techniques bad for you?

Memory techniques open a new world of learning. You are able to learn faster, efficiently, and remember for long. So what’s not to like! But can memory techniques be perfect and have no downside?

One problem people like to mention is memorization is not understanding which is very true! But this problem is not specific to memory techniques. Let’s take math for example.

You have an equation you need to remember like a^2 + b^2 = c^2. You can use memory techniques to memorize this equation and recall it perfectly. But just because you can recall the equation doesn’t mean you know what the equation does, how to use it, or apply it to a problem.

But the problem here is not with the memory techniques because if you didn’t have memory techniques, you would probably use rote memorization to memorize the equation. You still need to remember the equation in order to solve problems.

So the problem of memorizing something and thinking you understand the material, is more of a mindset issue than a memory techniques issue. Memory techniques would be a way better way to remember the equation other than rote memorization.

I can’t think of any reason why memory techniques would be bad for you. Can you? Any issues memory techniques caused you when you were learning and studying?

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