Are some memory systems a waste?

The idea behind memory systems is the systems are meant to help you memorize faster since you don’t have to create an image on the spot. All you have to do is reference your system to get the image you need to memorize.

Sometimes I get the feeling people think if you create a memory system for something they are learning, then they will automatically learn the material faster. But I think people forget the amount of time and energy needed to create a memory system.

Say you want to memorize the phone numbers of your friends and families. You might think creating a 2 digit number system would be a good idea because you would take more digits at a time when you memorize. And you ONLY want to create the system to memorize the numbers.

BUT if you are only creating this system to memorize phone numbers, you probably have like 10 or so phone numbers to memorize. So the time and energy commitment you would need for this system is definitely not worth it.

Why would you create a 2 digit number system just to memorize like 10 phone numbers?

Creating systems are an investment if you plan on using the systems wherever you can apply it. For the 2 digit system, you can use that to memorize phone numbers, dates, passwords, and directions. You keep getting value out of the system.

I personally wouldn’t create any memory system for memorizing information for one time UNLESS I had to memorize it for a challenge, money, or gameshow then I probably would haha I actually had to create a system when I memorized cow patterns for a gameshow in China.

I have never used the system I create for the cow patterns ever since the gameshow!

What do you think about creating memory systems?

  • Some systems are a waste of time and energy
  • All systems have value even if not used
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