Are there templates for complex systems like 3 digit systems/2 card systems?

It seems like when people want to create memory systems for cards, number, or binary, they think the more complex the system means they will memorize better and faster. When you look at the surface, it does make sense to want to have a complex memory system.

If you have a 3 digit system and needed to memorize 6 digits, you would only need 2 images to memorize the numbers. But if you had a 2 digit system, you would need 3 images to memorize the 6 digits. So mathematically it makes sense to make a 3 digit system.

But the making of 3 digit or a 2 card system is more than most people are willing to do. It takes A LOT of time, energy, frustration, and image creation to get the systems done. I have never completed a 3 digit system or any system that had at least 1000 images you need to create. Not fun!

So I am wondering if there is any real template for these complex systems? When I say REAL, I mean a list of all the images most people will recognize and could use. The “templates” I have seen have words (not even images) picked just because they fit the code.

You would get a word like cram or some. Not easy to picture. Not clear. People would have to rework these words so they can get images they can actually use. So they have more work to do to actually finishing the system.

It would be great to have a real template anyone can use and if the person wants, they can change images out. Not because they are forced to but because they choose to change images out.

Does anyone know of any templates for the complex systems?

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