Can you improve a specific part of your brain?

When you exercise, you can work on any part of your body: legs, back, arms, chest, and abs. You can work out your whole body or you can specifically choose a body part. But can the same be done when it comes to your brain?

I have heard about if you are doing creative activities that you are using the right side of your brain and doing logical activities uses the left side of your brain. But thing is that you are using your whole brain still even if most of the activity is coming from a specific side.

I want to know if I can specifically target the cerebellum or parietal lobe to improve and would I even be able to notice an improvement? I know using memory techniques uses different parts of your brain, and I have notice my natural memory improve.

I would love to know if you can improve the different parts of the brain and what improvements you would see. Do you know if this is possible? Have you targeted different parts of your brain to improve?