Create your number system easily with this resource!

I know how difficult it can be when creating a number system. Finding words to match your number system code is a long process especially if you are creating a bigger number system.

To help people create their number systems faster, I created a tool that allows you to find words easier and shows you potential numbers a word can be!

Check it out here: Create Your Number System

The site has the major system’s code by default. You can change any of the letters for the numbers. You can have multiple letters per number. Usually, I don’t use vowels for letters because I see them more as fillers but feel free to use vowels.

Right now, the words being brought back start and end with the letters of the digits. I want feed back on how the words being returned should be. I know traditionally, the major system is based on phonetics so 00 would have a s or z sound right after each other.

This works but I wanted to have more variation in words that is why there is a sound option for the traditional major system. I also added a spelling where the letters being in specific places could still meet your number system code.

For example, snakes doesn’t have the right phonetics for 00 since the K sound comes in but if you are using your code where the word starts with the letter and ends with it, snakes would fit 00.

Right now the main site Blitz Memory is under maintenance. If you somehow get to the main site, there is not anything you can do on the site. I will give updates ASAP about what is done and can be accessed.

Let me know what you think of the number system tool! Please give me feed back on how to make this tool better or what you would want to see.