Decode & Remember: Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

Have you ever been fascinated by the ancient scripts and symbols of Egypt? Now is your chance to dive into the world of Egyptian hieroglyphs! In this memory challenge, we are learning the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet.

Apparently, there is no agreement on what is considered the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet because all the sources I looked at had some variation.

So we will be using this version of the alphabet: Ancient Egyptian Alphabet - History for kids

Below is also the alphabet but for some reason, they are really tiny! I could not get them to be bigger. The benefit of the symbols below is that you can copy and paste them.

A - π“„Ώ
B - 𓃀
C - π“Ž‘
D - 𓂧
E - 𓇋𓇋
F - 𓆑
G - π“ŽΌ
H - π“Ž›
I - 𓇋
J - 𓆓
K - π“Ž‘
L - 𓃭
M - π“…“
N - π“ˆ–
O - 𓍯
P - π“Šͺ
Q - π“ˆŽ
R - π“‚‹
S - π“‹΄
T - 𓏏
U - π“…±
V - 𓆑
W - π“…±
X - π“Ž‘π“‹΄
Y - 𓇋𓇋
Z - π“Šƒ
SH - π“ˆ™

So, are you ready to decode the secrets of the pharaohs and add an ancient language to your repertoire? Let’s embark on this exciting challenge together!

What are you going to do after you learn the alphabet?

  • Use the alphabet to write secret messages
  • Just keep the alphabet in your head and don’t use it
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