Do You Listen To Music When Studying?

Music is pretty much playing all the time for me like when I workout, do chores, code, sleep, shower, and anything else except when I am watching tv. I especially love having music when studying because it puts me in a state of time to get work done!

For me, music helps blocks out any outside distractions. Noises from other rooms or even dogs barking can be super annoying and make me lose focus since I start to think about all these noises.

Music also allows me to get into a groove with everything making sense and flowing together. I listen to all types of music: Metal, rap, opera, salsa, video game sound tracks, and pretty much everything else except country!

But there are times when some music just annoys me. I am not sure if it is because the music has lyrics and my mind wants to focus on that or if I just like the song so my mind fights to pay attention to the music.

Regardless of the reason, I have to turn the music off so I can focus on what I am studying. This is especially true when I am coding. I am already frustrated on an issue I am having, and the music is not helping me solve the issue.

I know there have been some studies saying music like Mozart can help you remember more information, but I am not too sure about that. I never felt any music by itself allowed me to learn more without any additional effort.

Maybe I will play nothing but Mozart for a week and see if I can remember more or if it even helps me solve problems faster. I don’t have a baseline or wouldn’t even know how to set one so the results would be based more on how I feel and if I am more productive.

Do you think music helps you study better? What do you listen to when studying?

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yes it helped but i was very into the study material

Did the music help you get into your studying better? What music do you listen to?