Fact Frenzy: Test Your Trivia Recall Skills

How many random facts do you know? Have you ever played Trivia Pursuit?

Trivia Pursuit is a game where you are just trying to answer questions from all sorts of topics like entertainment, sports, geography, and pretty much everything else. This game always interested me because you have to have a lot of general knowledge to win.

You might be able to answer science questions but be completely terrible at answering art questions. So how do people even learn the answers to all these questions?

Well for a long time, I wanted to memorize a Trivia Pursuit book I got as a gift that had thousands of questions!! Sadly, I just never started it because I couldn’t figure out the setup I wanted.

No worries since we have a mini version of the memory challenge I still want to do! You will be memorizing 105 trivia questions!! Here is the link to get the questions:

Purpose of challenge: Being able to recall the answers of any questions at a moments notice.

Benefit of challenge: You will have general knowledge of things that will impress others!

What techniques are you going to used? Is there a best way to attack this memory challenge?