How did/are you studying in school?

I felt like we were never taught how to learn, study, or remember the material we were taught which is really weird when you think about it. When I learn now, I use memory techniques, active recall, and reviewing to make learning and remembering a lot easier.

It has been years since I was in school, but I can remember the only way I remember the info was to repeat it over and over until it stuck. I can clearly remember in Spanish class we had to remember a song then be quizzed on missing words we would have to feel in.

I would write the song from memory so many times until I could recall it perfectly because I wanted to be able to recall any possible missing word. It would take hours to get learn the song by heart. I did end up acing all the songs and getting the correct words.

But what about being able to remember the song later? Like a week later?

… Gone! haha

I could not recall the song perfectly anymore. Today, I can’t even remember most of the songs we had to learn! So my studying which I can’t remember all the things I did is apparently not good for long term retention.

What did/are you doing to help learn material in school? Was it effective in the moment but not long term?