How do you learn languages passively?

Learning a new language takes a lot of time and energy because there are so many different aspects you have to learn. But one thing I always wonder is if there is a way to learn a language without all the effort?

Now I am not saying you would be fluent in the language or even be able to speak it. But you might be able to understand/say some phrases and words which is progress in itself!

What I mean by passively is that you are not actively trying to learn a language. You are doing things you would usually do but secretly adding in some language learning! Here is my list of how to learn languages passively:

  1. Watching a tv show with subtitles
  2. Listening to music
  3. Play games with subtitles

With my ideas, you are already doing these common activities but with changing the language, you all of a sudden are getting exposed to the language you want to learn. Yes, you do have to do some reading with the subtitles but you are not doing any hard studying or anything.

For the music, you probably won’t understand anything since you are not getting any form of translation. The benefit you get with music is you get to hear how the words are being said and flow together.

I have learn parts of songs in a different language because the words flowed together so smoothly that it was easy to remember how to say them. But I still don’t know what they mean haha

What are some ways you have use to learn a language passively? Or what ideas do you have?

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