How much sleep do you get a night?

When I was in school, I would do my homework after relaxing and eating which would take me to 8 or 9 pm. Then I would start my memory training for memory competitions. Those were some very long days haha I would say on average I got like 4 or so hours of sleep.

Nowadays, I say I get around 6 hours or so which is definitely a step up. I get up super early at 3 am to workout so I need my sleep! But one thing I never noticed is how my sleep affected my learning. With the little sleep I got, I still got great grades and was able to memorize at a high level.

It is possible I could of gotten the same if not better grades and higher scores in my memorization if I had more sleep. I still do want to do a sleep deprivation test where I test my memory as I stay awake longer and longer. It should be loads of fun! haha

How much do you sleep? Does your sleep change when you are studying or have a test coming up?