Is a partner the secret to learning a language?

One thing I missed from Spanish class was being able to talk to other classmates in Spanish. It seems like I was able to learn Spanish faster with talking to a real person. I got to think in real time on what I wanted to say but also figure out what the other person was saying.

If you are learning a language through a program, you already know what the program is going to say and what is being practiced. With real people, you have no idea what they are going to say or how you will need to respond.

This is why I think having a partner to learn a language with is the key to learning a language way faster since you are actually practicing a language like you would. The only difficult thing is where do you find a partner you can practice with?

Outside of school, I haven’t found anybody who wants to learn Japanese with me or I can practice with. I do really want to find someone to learn and practice with!!

Do you know of any places where you can find partners to learn languages? What do you think about having a partner?