Is memory still needed with technology?

There has been a lot of advancements in technology especially with AI. AI can read pictures and translate the text in the picture, summarize a speech in real time, and a whole bunch of other cool things!

You start to think does memory still play a role today? Why learn a language when you can AI translate and speak for you in real time? Or learn all this new vocabulary when AI can give you simpler words or give you definitions of words?

I firmly believe memory will always be needed until we get to the point where you can literally download information into your brain. Why spend a year learning a language when you can download the language in a minute?

We are not at that point yet so memory is still needed! You can’t rely on technology all the time because what if the internet does down? Or your phone dies?

I was using Google map when driving home from the airport and my phone was about to die. I had no idea where I was and where I was going so I was scared! But I used memory techniques to memorize the rest of the directions before my phone died.

I made it home safe and sound! Memory techniques definitely helped save the day. I have no idea where I would of ended up if I didn’t memorize the directions. In Antarctica? The ocean?

Regardless of technology, it is fun to see how far you can push your memory limits. Also, it is great brain health to workout your mind to keep it sharp. If you rely on technology for everything, then your brain doesn’t have to work and will lose its cognitive ability. Use it or lose it!

What do you think about the role technology plays with memory and the brain? How should we use technology with our memory and learning?