Lack of Innovation in Memory Competitions

There has been great strides in how much people have been able to memorize for events from cards to names and everything in between. It is very inspiring on what people can do and show the power of our memories!

But memory competitions themselves are still pretty much the same. Same events and same atmosphere. I remember being in a competition and someone complained about a person walking in the background when they were memorizing.

The truth is the competitor needs to train for any distractions. PERIOD! How boring is it when the audience members can’t even get up from their seats or make any noise at all. I understand needing to be in the zone for memorizing, but the atmosphere makes it terrible for people to watch.

Would you watch someone memorize for 1 hour then have a 2 hour recall? I would never watch someone do that! Even when I was at competitions, I would leave the recall as soon as I was done with my recall.

Something has to be done in order to make memory techniques more engage for the audience and the memory events themselves more exciting. The main thing memory events are lacking is being able to interact with your opponent.

Chess has a similar atmosphere where it is quite and the audience isn’t making a lot of noise or anything. But in chess, you are actively interacting with your opponent. Taking pieces, making moves, and trying to get in your opponent’s head. This is what makes chess exciting!

Memory competitions need this type of interactivity between competitors. Right now you have people competing against each other, but they never interact with each other. Just sitting at there own table memorizing.

Why not have these amazing battles in memory competitions that engages the competitors but also the audience? Memory competitions can definitely get more attention and promotion than they currently do!

I am actually working on something that will allow for the first time ever for the competitors to interact with each other. Actually, I have a few things I plan on trying to get to work so we can have great interaction and competition!

What do you think is missing from memory competitions? Why is there a lack of innovation? What would you add to memory competitions?

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  • Memory competitions need new innovation
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