Learn how to say Hello!

Yo! Hey. Hi. Hello. Sup!

These are a few ways I say hello to people on a daily basis. I am not sure why I have different ways of saying hello but maybe it is to have some variation? haha

Hello is one of the words you get to say a lot. Every time you see a friend, family member, co-workers, pets, the sun, and pretty much anything you see! Yes… I have said hello to my fridge before!

There are so many ways to say hello in your own language, but there are even more ways to say hello in different languages! So this memory challenge is to learn how to say hello in many languages.

How many languages should you learn how to say hello? This is up to you. You can do 10 or 100 languages! Personally, I am going to aim for 50 languages because I actually want to use the different languages to say hello!