Learn the alphabet system

What if I told you that you secretly learned a memory system when you were just a little kid in school? It was one of the first things you probably ever learned in school to! I am talking about the alphabet!!

I don’t remember clearly learning the alphabet but when I go to classrooms for kindergarteners, I see the alphabet above the whiteboard. Here is the thing about the alphabet shown. The alphabet is just not all the letters, but actually have images associated with the specific letter.

A has an ape next to it. B has a bee. C has a cat and so on.

This is an easy way for kids to learn what word starts with that letter and gives a visual for them to latch onto. But sadly, most people probably forget all the images that belong to the letters.

No worries if you forgot because you are going to learn the alphabet system and the images I use! Feel free to switch out the images you want for you system. Here is my alphabet system:

A - Apple
B - Balloon
C - Cat
D - Dog
E - Elephant
F - Flower
G - Guitar
H - Hat
I - Ice
J - Jellyfish
K - Key
L - Lemon
M - Moon
N - Nest
O - Owl
P - Penguin
Q - Queen
R - Rainbow
S - Sun
T - Tree
U - Umbrella
V - Violin
W - Whale
X - Xylophone
Y - Yo-yo
Z - Zebra

You have 3 ways to create your image for each letter: Sounds like, spells like, and shape like. It doesn’t matter which way you use because one way is not inherently better than the others. You can use whatever method gives you the images you like and can use a combination of the options to create your images.

To create images based on sound, you have to find a word that sounds similar to the letter. Ape sounds like the letter A. Bee sounds like the letter B. Seesaw sounds like the letter C. It is okay if the whole word doesn’t sound like the letter as in SEE SAW, but as long as the word starts with the sound, you will be fine.

To create images based on spelling, you have to find a word that starts with the specific letter. Apple starts with letter A. Baseball starts with letter B. Cat starts with letter C. It doesn’t matter how long the word is or what other letters are there in the word as long as the word starts with the letter.

To create images based on the shape of the letter, you have to find any image that looks like the letter. Arrow can be for A since it looks like a point on an arrow. Butterfly can be for B since B looks like wings. Crescent moon can be for C since a crescent moon has a curve similar to C.

You have so many options to create an alphabet system so what are you waiting for! Create your system now and let me know how you created your system!