Navigate the floor layout of a house

Do you think you would be able to walk through your house blind folded?

I think I would know where things are for the most place, but i would definitely be reqching out to make sure I dont run into anything haha

Now imagine trying to memorize a house floor plan you have never seen before and trying to navigate!

When you create a memory palace, you create the locations that make sense to you. Also, you are not memorizing all the items in your house.

The memory challenge is to memorize a house floor plan and be able to navigate. Take a look at the picture below. If I say start in the room with the tub, then find the plant in the bedroom. Could you navigate to the plant?

What makes this harder then memorizing a memory palace is you can start at any location and end at any location. So the flow of a memory palace is not there.

It would be an awesome skill of being able to memorize a floor layout then be able to navigate perfectly! Hmmm is that how they do it in the heist movies? Haha