Remembering Your Day

I have seen a lot of people trying to remember everything they do in a day. And I mean EVERYTHING! They want to know every conversation, who they met, what they ate at what time, and more. They try to figure out what memory techniques they need or what systems need to be in place to accomplish this feat.

I don’t think anyone has ever successfully accomplished remembering every detail of their day, but this isn’t going to stop us from doing a memory challenge! We are not going to the extreme of trying to remember every detail or even using memory techniques.

Here is the challenge:

At the end of the day, you are going to write down everything you can remember from the day. What time you woke up, what you did to get ready, what you ate throughout the day, who you talked to, any activities you did like workout, play an instrument, and so on, any great ideas, and all the other awesome stuff you do!

Here is the challenging part. On the next day, you will try to recall and write down what you did the day before. You will then compare what you wrote down the first day to what you wrote down the next day.

What is going to be interesting is seeing if both of the writings match up with each other. On the next day, did you write some things you didn’t right on the first day? What does this mean?

Either you just thought you did something the day before and didn’t actually do it. Or you actually remembered more about the day than you initially wrote down. Now how do you decided which option is true? I have no clue haha

I guess be honest with yourself if you think the new things you write down actually happen. You want to tally up on how many things you recalled correctly from the past day.

The goal is to do this process for a whole week. The point of the challenge is to see how much you can recall and remember with your natural memory. I truly believe you can improve your naturally memory just by pushing and testing it.

I am excited to see how this memory challenges turns out! Let me know how this challenge turns out for you!

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