Simple Workout You Can Do

Working out and memory training are very similar. With both, you are trying to push your limits and gain strength so what was once difficult is now easy to do.

The workout Nickles and Dimes is simple to do and can have many variations, but is still very challenging!

Every minute on the minute you do 5 pullups then do 10 push ups. You have a timer and when you hit start, you immediately do the 5 pullups and 10 push. Then when the next minute starts, you do the exercises again.

Now you can pick how long the workout lasts. If can be 30 minutes where you would do 300 push ups and 150 pullups. Or it can last more than an hour. It is up to you!

The other cool thing is that it doesnt have to be push ups and pullups. You can do squats/curls, ab crunch/calf raises, and any combination you can think of!

Try the workout out and let me know what exercises you picked!!

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