Sleep Deprivation’s Effect on Your Brain

Most, if not all, animals need sleep which should show how important sleep is! I bet you felt the affects of the lack of sleep makes your body and mind feel like.

Here is a great video on how the lack of sleep messes with your brain:

What I find interesting about the video is I remember being able to not fall victim to some of these effects from lack of sleep.

I remember being at sleepovers and playing games all into the night, but still playing at a decent level and thinking fast! Now don’t get me wrong, I did fall asleep fast and sleep late into the day haha

But this makes me think is there a way to fight the effects of the lack of sleep even if it is for a little while? I remember doing a 24 hour race and not feeling tired from the lack of sleep.

Maybe because I was in so much pain! It was like the pain of running was stronger than my urge to sleep or feel any effect on my brain. But on the other hand when I had long studying sessions at night, I could definitely feel my brain wasting away haha

I am going to try to get at least a full nights rest and turn off any screens an hour before bed to help get into the best sleep mode I can and refresh my mind.

I wonder if physical activities have some overriding power on the brain compared to mental tasks? What do you think?