The Overload Technique for memory palaces

I love to use memory palaces since it is a simple yet powerful technique. But the main issue I have with palaces is that once you use your palace, you have to wait for all the images to disappear from the locations.

If you have limited palaces, you can only do so much training before you have to stop. I remember this happening to me that I could only use like 5 palaces per day which is not a lot of palaces to train with.

Don’t even get me started on trying to reuse a palace you just memorized with. You run into ghost images and can’t figure out if the images you are seeing are from the previous memorization attempt or the current one. A big headache haha

Thankfully, there is a technique you can use to help you clear out your memory palaces called the Overload Technique.

Say you memorized the word pizza and your location was the sink. So you saw the pizza taking a bath in the sink!

I mentioned how if you used the same location to memorize another piece of information, you would have some confusion on telling what image belonged to what piece of info. But what if you were to add another image to the location? And another one… and another one…

The idea here is that if you add a lot of images to the location eventually you won’t be able to remember any image in the location and clear the location. When you have two images in a location, it is clear to see both but by adding more images, you overload the location and what images belong there.

When you are memorizing the new images, you don’t care about what the info is but just having images placed in the locations. It depends on how many images you need before the palace is overload and resets in your mind. You need to do some experimenting to find out.

This overload technique might not be for everyone because the images might stick to the location and instead of needing to forget one image, you need to forget a lot of images haha

Do you do anything to clear out the palaces beside waiting for the ghost images to disappear?