The secret to doing any school work

When I was in school, there was so much material I had to learn even though I knew I wouldn’t use 99% of the stuff. It was boring to study, and I definitely forgot the material after I took a test haha

There was some material I would learn an instantly know it was a waste of time and learning like Shakespeare. Besides trying to randomly quote different plays, I have NEVER used Shakespeare in any productive way in my life… NEVER!!

I know a lot of people feel the same way when learning. The truth about the topic is you do have to learn useless things. For someone else learning the material, they might actually get value in learning it. But the secret truth is… you can get value in learning it too!

You need to find purpose in the school work you are doing. The purpose doesn’t need to relate to school or what you are even learning. You are trying to find something meaningful to you in the school work.

Say you have 20 complex math problems to do, and you hate math! You can try to see how fast you can do them and if you can do it in one sitting. Now you might be thinking what purpose does this have?

You are trying to push your endurance and focus on the math problems. Now the reason you are doing this is because maybe you are a runner. When you run, you will hit a wall and be drained of your strength and want to quit mentally.

The math problems won’t help you run physically faster or better, but pushing yourself to do the math problems will help you learn how to continue when your mind says to stop.

Everyone one is different so there isn’t a one purpose that will fit everyone. You need to find a purpose to something you find valuable and useful. This is the key to turning the school work from boring and useless to pushing yourself and improving!