The simplest peg system: Body peg system

There are so many ways to create a peg system: numbers, words, locations, presidents, and much more. You can pretty much use any thing that has some structure for you. The simplest and easiest peg system you can use it: The body peg system.

Depending on the information you are trying to remember, you don’t necessarily have to have an order in a peg system, but I would recommend having order so you can use the peg on order based information.

The body peg system uses your actually body to store information on! What makes this peg system awesome is that you already know your body and don’t really have to learn what the pegs are. You can create pegs out of your body, but I will give some general pegs you can use that have an order to them.

Here are pegs I would use in a specific order: head, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, chest, arms, butt, knees, and feet.

You can see I went from a top down approach so there is a natural order in my pegs. If I need to memorize my tasks for the day, I would start at the top peg (head) then just move through the pegs attaching the various tasks.

Or if I need to remember all the items to buy at the store, you can attach the items randomly on your body pegs since you don’t need a specific order when buying the items.

It doesn’t long to get familiar with the body peg system since you are using your own body! I recommend everyone to have this peg system in their back pocket just incase you need to memorize something and don’t have a memory palace or another peg system ready.

What do you think of the body peg system?