What is the most fun thing you have memorized/learned?

With memory techniques, you can learn anything you have ever wanted! Even things you never thought you would need or want to learn. It is hard to say what is the most fun thing I have memorized since I memorized a lot of weird stuff haha

Memorizing cow patterns will always be a fun one for me, but it was definitely frustrating as well since cows look so similar haha I still remember actually being able to identify the cows when I saw them at the cow farm!

There is so much competition information I have memorized which is cool but something I do all the time so not the most fun. Memorizing my first deck of cards was an awesome time and started my whole journey but still not the most fun thing I memorize.

If I had to pick one thing, I would say when I had to memorize numbers on keys and the door plus person the key went to. This was my challenge on a gameshow. I think what made it fun but also stressful is that I had to memorize the key and the door/person as I was talking to the person. Plus I had to be quick so I wasn’t just standing there memorizing for 10 minutes.

Usually when I memorize, I am just by myself and go at my own speed. But this live element made it more exciting plus I was able to find the correct keys for the people they showed and opened the door which is why I probably find it the most fun thing I have memorized haha

What is the most fun you had memorizing or what thing was the most fun for you to learn?

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