What is the point to hour long memory events?

Hour long memory events have the format of memorizing for one hour then having two hours for recall. These events are very long because the last for 3 hours unless everyone finishes before the 2 hour limit.

I remember doing these events and I would finish my recalling around an hour. I had to wait for everyone else to finish the event but thankfully, I was able to leave the room. If I had to stay in the room for the next hour doing nothing, I would cry! haha Okay not really cry but may have a tear or two!

I understand the idea of hour events testing your mental endurance of memorizing and recalling. It is really cool to see how much info people can memorize in an hour! You have never seen such focus before.

Now the issue for hour events is they are so boring to watch. As an audience member, you just have to sit there and be quite. You also don’t really get to see how much the competitors are memorizing. Just people looking at a piece or paper or cards.

I don’t like hour events as a competitor and as someone who had to watch. If you can memorize a deck of cards, you can memorize 100 of decks. It’s just a matter of time and reviewing to recall all those decks correctly.

In terms of memory competitions, hour events are not exciting or engaging. Is there any way to make them engaging? More fun? Or maybe they don’t belong in memory competitions?