What is your strongest emotion with memory techniques?

Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Disgust, Love, Excitement, Anticipation, Anxiety, Contempt, Boredom, Jealousy, Envy, Guilt, Shame, Pride, Relief, Frustration, and Hope.

These are just a few emotions you probably have used when creating your imaginary and stories. There is a limitless amount of things you can picture that can and should make you feel emotion.

A secret to making your stories and images more memorable is to add emotion to what you are visualizing! A lot of people picture Pikachu surfing on pizzas but have no emotion involved at all. Why wouldn’t someone add emotion?

It is super simple to add emotion. Seeing Pikachu surfing on a pizza gives me a smile because I find it funny! By just having this small addition of emotion, I am more likely to remember it.

You want to have better locations in your memory palace? Add some emotions! Maybe you think the extra room has a cool design or the basement is scary. Haven’t you noticed memory palaces that mean something to you, like your parent’s house, are very clear in your mind and easier to remember what you store in it?

For me, I would say happiness/joy is my strongest emotion. If something I picture makes me feel good, I can’t wait to see the imagery again! When I go through a palace, I get excited for the locations where I saw something funny or made me smile. I already know the images before I even get the locations to see them.

What are your strongest emotions with memory techniques? Do you add emotions to your techniques and palaces?