What Makes A World Record Legit?

If you ever looked into world records, you probably came across the Guinness World Records. They have records for all sorts of categories, and kind of the book keepers of records.

But have you ever looked at the requirements for you to “officially” break a record? You actually have to apply to break a record and have an official be present or an independent valid witness has to sign off on the record breaking attempt.

For memory competitions, records always had to be set in an actual competition for it to be a world record so you couldn’t be cheating or anything since people would be watching you.

People have broken records outside of competitions, but those records didn’t count. When someone is breaking a record by themselves, there is a lot of ways to cheat especially in physical format even with the person recording.

There are ways to pretend to shuffle a deck of cards so someone could have the deck pre-memorized and pretend to shuffle it. If printing off a sheet of numbers, words, names, and so on, you can easily pre-memorize.

Even training with an online program, you can cheat by making the code give certain data. Or if someone is watching you train live, they could always tell you the data so you wouldn’t even need to memorize.

But I do believe there is a way to get legit world records being by yourself and it only works with a website because there is no way to know if physical data is pre-memorized or even viewed when trying to print it off.

First, you will need to record your screen and audio. You will see what the people are memorizing and also hearing since they could be on the phone getting the data.

Next, you will need to be record from behind and have your whole body and setup showing. This will show you aren’t using another screen to copy and read the answers off of.

The last part, which is most important, is the video is posted and the community can view it and dispute the record attempt based on evidence the attempt was sketchy or rigged. This takes the power out of an event or group of people and give it to the community to decide.

I believe this process allows people to break more records and have them count instead of only being able to break a record at a competitions. Not everyone can go compete at a competition.

What do you thinkg?

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