What makes you most excited about memory techniques?

For me, I get excited about what I can learn and push my memory limits. Knowing I can learn things faster and remember the material for longer makes me want to learn everything which definitely makes me jump from project to project haha

I love to workout so naturally I like to push my brain to new levels and challenge it with different memory challenges. It is fun to see how far I have gone since I first started with memory techniques.

The most exciting part about memory techniques is being able to use my imagination and creativity! It is not every day I get to see Elmo fight a shark riding a horse. You get to picture whatever you want and have no limits on what you can picture!

So what excites you? Being able to learn anything? Using your creativity? Training for memory competitions?

I always use the method of loci. Something that excites me, is that I am capable of memorizing large lists of thing in order almost effortlessly, I can memorize long passages, it takes some time but it’s also nearly effortless and I can remember the information for a long period of time or even forever (if I use active recall and spaced repetition) compared to traditional methods e.g. rote memorization and repetition in which someone repeats the information and then try to recall it and do this repeatedly to memorize it, it takes some effort and also it’s frustrating. But the method of loci and in general, I think all mnemonic devices, provide an efficient and pleasurable approach to memorize information. This really thrills me.

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I can see the method of loci something to excited about! The memory palace is my go to method for memorizing things. I also like the palaces I use since the palaces vary with items and layouts.

What mnemonics haven’t you used yet? Have you created any memory systems yet? Those are always fun haha