What should be the Rankings and Achievements?

It would be great to have your input on the rankings and achievements the site should have!

For the rankings, the rank would be based on the level of the event instead of the win ratio of competing against someone else. The reason for this is based on tournament play where people of similar skill will be paired and the level the players are would be a true representation of their skill level. If you have ideas about how to set up the rankings, I would love to hear it!

The general idea for the rankings are bronze to Grandmaster:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond
  6. Master
  7. Grandmaster

The names can definitely be changed to better match but this is the general idea I have. Now each rank would have a range of levels it would represent like Bronze might be level 1 - 5 for an event. Getting help on the breakdown would be a huge help!

I would like to have a lot of different achievements that make sense for the site but have no clue where to start haha One issue is coming up with the names of the achievements. The other issue is what would be the requirements for each of the achievements. One more issue is an image associated with the achievement.

The names and images for the achievements can be something clever, funny, obvious, or anything! Let your creativity run wild here. I think it would be awesome for the community to help create these aspects for the site.

Please leave your ideas! Thanks!